$75 Custom Color Seat Belts – Lambo Yellow & Ferrari Red

The day of $75 custom color seat belts is here! Choose any color from Lambo yellow to Ferrari red! As reviewed by this satisfied customer who had a pair of yellow seat belts done for his car by SafetyRestore.com, you can see that the service and price is on point. Safety Restore is a post-accident restoration company that specializes in seat belt repair after accident, directly related to the seat belt webbing installation & stitching. With years of experience and 10’s of thousands of satisfied customers, the new service was born: custom color seat belts! The way the service works is simple and available to all cities and states nationwide in the U.S.

  1. Choose the color you’d like by visiting SafetyRestore.com and place your order!
  2. Remove your seat belts from the vehicle and mail them in to:SAFETY RESTORE
    40 Main St.
    Westfield, MA 01085
  3. You’re done! Safety Restore will replace your existing seat belts with the custom color of your choice and mail them back to you ready to be installed.

In fact, here’s the video of a customer explaining the entire process!

Cameron Alford, a YouTuber has concluded that Safety Restore is the best bet for custom color seat belts. His YouTube channels’ about page reads “A Professional Homie: Jesus, Cars & Good Memories” – a very fitting description that can summarize most of his videos. But with millions of views online, one can imagine that the YouTuber has experience working with cars that includes modding them. So let’s dig in to the company more and see what Safety Restore is all about.
Custom Color Seat Belts – Safety Restore


Lambo Yellow Seat Belt – Safety Restore


Ferrari Red Seat Belt – Safety Restore

These are just a few colors pulled from the Safety Restore page. Other colors include:

Neon Green Seat Belt – Safety Restore


Cobalt Blue Seat Belt – Safety Restore


Purple Seat Belt – Safety Restore

That’s already a handful of custom colors if you’re asking me! But that’s not even half of them. They get really exciting! Look at this BMW competition style seat belt:

BMW Competition Seat Belts – Safety Restore

Now this is something to be sold on! Time to get started! Visit SafetyRestore.com or call 855-552-7233 M-F 9-8 EST or text anytime 413-454-5570

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