Amazon FBA Seller + Amazon Repricer by Aura

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller and are looking for an Amazon repricer, Aura is the way to go. Developed by my good friend James Yanyuk who graduated from UMass with a bachelor’s in computer science and focus in AI. While in college, he was selling on Amazon and sooner than later discovered that without a repricer, you can’t get far in the business. His search began by comparing what was available, but none were good enough. As a computer nerd, programming software and code was his DNA and every Amazon repricer out there was just junk. So what did James do? He developed his own repricer that is now available to the public! Aura is an AI-based repricing tool to get you in the buy box and crush the competition. I caught up with the man himself to talk a little more in depth about the software:

As you can see, the humble man is all about helping others achieve success on Amazon. Being in the wholesale sector, the secret is finding a supplier for a product with the highest profit margins. Once that’s found, your goal is to get in the Buy Box and sell a ton! Well, that’s where the repricer comes in. James knows that it’s impossible to succeed without a repricer so Aura will help you get to the net level. We’re talking about 30-60% increase in sales first week!

Maximize Amazon Sales

Aura uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn advance strategies not possible to be done by a human. Peak hours account for a lot of sales, so knowing when to reprice is key. Aura analyzes every product and does it faster. Whether you’re using a cheap or an expensive repricer, Aura will beat it.

The repricing software is yours to test for 14 days FREE and see the results yourself. This is a no-brainer for anyone selling anything on Amazon. If you ever found yourself changing the pricer of your product’s or SKU’s, you’re in for a treat. Prepare for some serious profit. Head on over to and start using the best Amazon repricer!

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