Amazon Repricer: Aura vs. Informed Software (Video)

Okay, I think we’re down to only a handful when it comes to a good Amazon repricer. Which ones? Aura & Informed is what’s on the table today. But instead of me constantly feeding you with information, I will embed a YouTube video uploaded by a person that I absolutely have no relations with. Garage Sale Addict shares his 2 cents on Aura:

Clearly Aura is a repricing software that is the choice winner. To those not even familiar with the term, an Amazon repricer is a software that automatically reprices your SKU’s with a purpose to be lower than your competition and win the Buy box, making you more sales. That of course translates to you making more money. To me personally, all the little things is what makes all the difference. The user interface, the speed, visuals and everything in between. Aura is hands down the most modern Amazon repricer that has put all online software to shame. The coolest thing about it is the Artificial Intelligence. The thing literally gets smarter and smarter as you use it. With many sellers in the pool, the software detects patterns and then applies tactics to make sure that your products are not only priced to beat the competition, but are done so quickly. Let’s play out a scenario with Aura at work for me.

Amazon FBA Using Aura

So I have an Amazon store, a few good selling products and others just kind of there in the air. I have a supplier that I’m not maxing out and my profits aren’t exactly at the bar where I can quit my day job. I’m not using a repricer though. So I sign up for Aura and start my 14 day trial. I watch the video of how to connect my Amazon seller central account and start filling out my minimum and maximum prices for products. I’m done. A day later, I check my account to learn I have sold items I did not sell in some time. The next day I sold double and by the time my trial has ended, I’m up 30%. Okay, that’s a scenario… well, what if I told you that this was real? Well, take a look:

Aura Amazon Repricer
Aura Amazon Repricer

So what do you say now? Do we even have an arguement here? Informed is in the past. Aura is the buzz around YouTube, Facebook and more! More and more Amazon FBA sellers are switching over and new sellers know who to choose. But what really makes Aura so good?

History behind Aura Amazon Software

My man James Yanyuk is the brain behind Aura. Not only is the smartest guy I know, he has papers to prove it. A BA from UMass and a name you can Google. He’s been approached by some big guys to be recruited to corporate America, but decided to do things his way. He started selling on Amazon while in college and when he realized the potential of the Amazon world, he began coding things that sellers need most. One of them being a good repricer. Originally made for internal use, he merged with the online world to make Aura available to anyone. Today, Amazon sellers nationwide use Aura – available on

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