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What is Vendrive? Well, if you’re a wholesale Amazon seller, you’re probably looking for a CRM. Customer relationship management. From interactions with your suppliers to product analytics and sales dashboard. Vendrive was developed by James Yanyuk, a Computer Science major focused on AI. James jumped on the Amazon FBA bandwagon in 2016 with his startup company Berkshire Trade. As a developer, Yanyuk was overwhelmed by the use of the traditional seller’s dashboard on Amazon, knowing much of it could be automated. His brain worked day and night trying to figure out ways to improve every step of selling From logging all conversations with suppliers, tracking incoming and outgoing shipments, calculating profits, analyzing product data & competition, working with Amazon PPC, repricing, working to win the spot in the Buy box and more.  Vendrive CRM was a result of his efforts that are constantly evolving.

Vendrive by James Yanyuk

You can get through the doors of Vendrive CRM completely free! If it helps you save time and make you more money, then we welcome you to join the thousands of subscribers! In addition, if you are interested in joining a community of Amazon FBA Wholesalers, visit our Facebook Group – Amazon FBA Wholesale. With weekly Q&A live events conducted by Amazon sellers, you’ll be learning valuable information and gaining tips to help you succeed. The community is 100% free and is only growing! So let’s talk about Vendrive a bit more.

Analyze Amazon Products

Vendrive lets you quickly view data on all products sold on Amazon. Learn your competition, see how the product is selling, how it’s ranking and simulate your profit margins with the prices your suppliers give you.

Vendrive - Amazon Products

It’s really a powerful a tool that is made by Amazon sellers and for Amazon sellers. Packed with a ton of useful features from large to small, such as taking notes while negotiating with a supplier:

Vendrive Amazon Suppliers

It really does not miss a single useful step. James Yanyuk handcrafted this tool for himself knowing other Amazon sellers will benefit from it. If you’re ready to start wholesale sourcing for Amazon more aggressively and go on to the next level, Vendrive is your tool.

Amazon Wholesale Sourcing

Vendrive was developed by James Yanyuk. In June of 2018, Artem Martynyuk joined the team as a co-founder. We are constantly developing new and improved tools for Amazon sellers. If you are looking for a good repricing tool, or an automated AI-based repricer – check out AURA.


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