Win the Buy Box

Amazon: Win the Buy Box with a Repricer by Aura

No Amazon FBA sellers disagree that to win the buy box is the priority with any new listing, but using an automatic repricer like Aura is the debate. An automatic Amazon repricer is a software or tool that is designed to automatically change the prices of your items based on the competition. In other words, instead of you wasting hours and doing it yourself, or worse – having an employee do it for you, this software does it for you! But also a hundred times faster and even does it in in your sleep! But what makes Aura the winner, is the events reprice every 1-2 minutes (10x faster than the leading competitor) and is powered by AI. Artificial Intelligence.

Staying in the Buy Box

Perhaps winning the Buy Box is the easy part. Almost instantly after changing your price to something lower than your competitor who’s in it, you’ll be in it. But what’s the guarantee that you’ll stay there? Are you planning on changing the price constantly? Of course not! That is why Aura will maintain that Buy Box position by analyzing all prices for your SKU and make sure you’re the lowest one until the minimum set. It’s actually not complicated one bit, if that’s what you’re thinking. Staying in the buy box  is the goal of AURA!

AI Strategies

What makes Aura perform a great deal faster than any other repricer out there, is the use of AI strategies in the code. Developed by the brilliant James Yanyuk, who holds a computer science degree from UMass and studied Artificial Intelligence, he paired this with his experience as an Amazon FBA seller. That’s how Aura was born! The Artificial Intelligence part is what makes Aura. For the software to get smarter as you use it and you feed it more data is unreal. It’s as though the software has a brain of its own rather than basic code and all just for an Amazon Buy Box? You bet!

Increasing Amazon Sales

No doubt the goal of staying in the buy box is to increase your sales, which should translate into increasing your ROI. The success of Amazon and its sellers are made for this. The competitive market craves this and you can win. I’m a marketing guy myself and you can read about me, but Amazon is a whole other species. Even for me! Sellers consider themselves to be a part of an almost elite club. See how it fees with your FREE trial on!

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