Best Amazon Repricer for the Buy Box

Meet the Best Amazon repricer on the market! With an Amazon Repricer tool, the promise to get into the Buy Box more often and eventually OWN it! Some may come at a low subscription cost, others highly reviewed, but some are hidden gems. Aura is the first Artificial Intelligent Amazon repricer that is fully automated and is self-learning, only getting better with time. So if you’re wondering how to get those sales up through the roof and crush the competition, let me tell you a bit about Aura and why it’s by light years better than any other repricer on the market. In other words, the best repricer.

Amazon Repricer Aura
Amazon Repricer Aura

James Yanyuk

James Yanyuk - Creator of Aura
James Yanyuk – Creator of Aura

The story starts with James. James Yanyuk. A computer science major with a focus in Artificial Intelligence, James graduated from UMass and quickly started doing big things out of his home office in Amherst. Being an Amazon seller himself, James went through his ups and down like any other business man, but he always spent hours thinking of how he can improve things. But instead of just thinking about them, he coded his own software to save man hours and make the selling more efficient. He is the founder of – a CRM tool, designed to streamline your wholesale sourcing as an Amazon business. Vendrive has been a huge success and is the parent company of Aura. So when one of the biggest things James needed for his Amazon business was a repricer to help him get into the Buy Box, he began researching what’s out there. He was not impressed. Lots of empty promises with not much to show for. After spending hundreds on useless monthly subscriptions, he started coding. Except he started coding a repricer that’s based on Artificial Intelligence. The first Amazon repricer to learn the process and get smarter with time based on the data you feed it. So let’s go back to the repricer.

Amazon Buy Box

You probably know what the Amazon Buy Box is if you’re looking for a repricer. It’s the box with the Add to Cart button within the item details. Price is considered the highest factor by Amazon to whom the place is awarded. Defining your competition and constantly repricing your products to sell is the answer. But when you have a high volume and many competitors, this seems impossible. Aura is a repricer that simplifies the entire process by automating it, doing it in real time with no limit. There is nothing Aura cannot handle.

Increase Profit & Sales by 65%

Any basic Amazon repricer can promise to increase your sales by 30% and struggle to deliver that. Imagine what an AI-based automated software that is constantly learning can do! Auro users reported 65% increase in sales on average. THIS IS BEYOND INCREDIBLE! The key ingredient is years of Artificial Intelligence integrated into the software. James and his team built the entire code of Aura repricer on Artificial Intelligent. This enables the ability of handling hundreds and thousands of SKU’s. No Amazon store can be too big for Aura. With super easy to use tools, you are in full control. Define your lowest price, get your recommendations and let the machine learning start bringing you sales. This is a no brainer. This is an artificial brain.

Artificial Intelligence

More and more software are shifting over to the use of Artificial Intelligence, but not many are successful with it. This is not something you can simply code, but something that the software itself must learn. When I begin explaining what I know, I activate an inception mode and cannot explain. What you need to know is that Aura, an AI-based Amazon repricer, is super smart, super fast and brings stunning results. Don’t take my word for it, start your free trial now!

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