Circuit Coffee in Westfield, MA

I was never a coffee drinker. If I did have coffee, it was something super sweet and iced. Well everything sure did change when Circuit Coffee came to town. Because I take my daughter Eva in the mornings so my wife can catch up on some sleep, we always look for an adventure. I also need to feed her. Often times I have my laptop with me and need work done. In our small town we have over 5 Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks. A coffee coolata used to be my go-to at Dunkin and a Caramel Mocchiato at Starbucks. Now you ask? A Cortado! Yes, I went from lattes and cappuccinos to pour overs and cortados. This is my morning now:

Eva Martynyuk at Circuit Coffee

Little Eva and Little Samuel chilling.

I think I’m allowed to say that my life has changed. At least in relations to coffee. Ted Dobek Jr., the owner and founder of Circuit Coffee has thought me a lot about (I spent up to 2 hours a day at his shop ever since he opened) and I can call him my friend. Attracted by the works of grinding the beans, pouring an espresso, steaming the milk and then creating the art has really introduced me to the coffee world only a phanatic would know about. I even went as far as buying my own espresso machine and grinding various beans from all sorts of origins and roasters. I no longer drink iced, sweetened junk. I drink Cortados. Even straight espresso shots!

Espresso shot at Circuit

Now about Circuit Coffee: WOW. Take a look:

Ted Dobek at Circuit Coffee
Ted Dobek at Circuit Coffee

This is one of the first pics I snapped, a week within its opening. Unedited! That’s Ted behind his Spirit Kees van der Westen alongside Mahlkonig Peak Espresso grinders.

Ted always dreamed of opening his own coffee shop. Worked as a barista in many, his love just took over and he just went for it. Westfield couldn’t have presented him with a better location. Downtown right off Main St. – walking distance to all shops. He salvaged bowling alley hardwood floors and turned them into counter tops and wire spools are now the tables where your coffee is served. This is the place to be to enjoy a cup of their signatured Maple Latte’s, espresso, cortado, cappuccino, drip coffee of even Coconut iced lemonade. The menu doesn’t stop here though. With cinnamon buns made fresh every morning – even the icing is made from scratch, to their original recipe grilled cheese and finally my favorite: Circuit balls. Cookie dough available in sugar, peanut butter and chocolate chip. What takes the gold are their imported Nutella bamballinis, or as I like to call them – Nutella Puffs.

Cortado and Nutella doughnut

Oh and did I mention that a local baker has his cupcakes here as well? Now that’s a whole different post.

So let’s talk a bit about coffee. I always thought that caffeine does not work on me. I could chug a can of Red Bull and go straight to bed. However, when I have my Cortado in the morning, my employees are always asking why am I so excited. I guess it does give me a kick – it energizes me. Now I always love to pair a pastry with a shot, but with my recent weight loss journey (from 230+ to ~190 and counting) it gets tricky. Who doesn’t love a cinnamon bun straight out of the oven? But we must remain strong and keep the eyes on the prize. Would this tempt you?

Cappuccino with a Cupcake

I take everyone to Circuit Coffee now. This is the amount of Cortado’s Teddy makes when I’m there:

Row of Cortados Circuit

If you’re ever in Westfield, MA this coffee shop will blow your mind.

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