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Entrepreneur Rockstars Podcast Launches on YouTube!

Entrepreneur Rockstars is an audio & video podcast that was started by Artem Martynyuk on YouTube. The first guest, James Yanyuk, is a 23 year old entrepreneur who’s an Amazon seller and a founder of multiple SaaS startups. One being Vendrive and another one Aura. Vendrive.com is a CRM for Amazon wholesale sellers and Aura is an automated repricing software powered by AI. In a podcast by Entrepreneur Rockstars, Artem interviews James starting from his years in high school and ending with his daily routines. Take a look:

About Entrepreneur Rockstars

Entrepreneur Rockstars was launched by Artem Martynyuk & Ernest Martynyuk in January of 2019. While Ernest was visiting MA from Atlanta, GA, him and Artem got the idea of starting something useful. As young entrepreneurs themselves, the idea of podcast came to mind with just that. Focusing on entrepreneurs and the daily struggles or practices, this could be very useful to many. With each guest focusing on their industry, the information that could come is amazing.

James Yanyuk & Amazon

James Yanyuk is a good friend of Artem’s and they are both co-founders of Aura, the Amazon repricing software. Since James is already a successful Amazon seller, this came with much more value to him as a software engineer. He could see first hand what was needed to be implemented in order to make the most powerful Amazon repricer on the market. In this episode of Entrepreneur Rockstars, Yanyuk talks a lot about Aura and Amazon. If you’re an Amazon seller of any level, this information is very useful.

About Artem Martynyuk

Artem Martynyuk who started Entrepreneur Rockstars with Ernest and hosted the first episode, is an entrepreneur himself with a few online businesses. The speciality of his is marketing and he applies it to all of his endeavors online. Follow Entrepreneur Rockstars online at EntrepreneurRockstars.com

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