Increase Amazon sales with an Aura Repricer

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller and want to increase your sales with a repricer, Aura is your answer. Aura is the first AI-based repricer on the market, developed by an Amazon seller James Yanyuk. James is a computer science major who graduated from UMass with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. AI was implemented into Aura, making it the first AI-based Amazon repricer on the market!

Increase Sales with an Amazon Repricer – AURA

Aura is the top performing repricer for Amazon, with an average of 65% increase in sales. In comparison, basic repricers out there can barely get the number up to 30%. You will dominate the Buy Box with Aura and you will increase your sales and profits. From the first release, Beta users saw results immediately and have record sales in the first week of using Aura. Aura is hands the down the best Amazon repricer on the market.

Winning the Buy Box

Though it’s not just the price that Amazon looks for when putting you in the Buy Box, it is a very important factor. Aura uses intelligent repricing in real time to make sure you never lose money, but outsell your competition and spend the most time in the Buy Box. When you own the Buy Box, you are ahead of your competition. When you’re ahead of your competition, your sales and profits increase. Let Aura do the heavy lifting for you and take stress off your chest so you can focus on bigger and greater things. Perhaps start souring other products and expand, growing to be bigger. Aura repricing software opens endless possibilities, not just dominating the Buy Box.

I’m Artem Martynyuk and I happen to be the Marketing Director for Aura. Working besides James Yanyuk has been both a privilege and an honor. His talent and love towards what he does is something that no other software creator can offer. This is him:

James Yanyuk - Creator of Aura
James Yanyuk – Creator of Aura

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