Instagram Baby Announcement

Instagram Baby Announcement Movie Poster by Jennifer Yanyuk

Jennifer Yanyuk had her Instagram baby announcement Part II reveal on January 17, about 3 months into the pregnancy. It looked like this:


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Part II coming soon!

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This movie poster baby reveal is the second to the family of Martynyuk’s, with the first looking like this:


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👶🏼 #awaitingEva

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Taken with a professional camera, Canon 5D and a wide 24mm lens and then edited in Photoshop after the image was colored in Adobe Lightroom. Of course all that is done by the Instagram husband, but who really cares about him. Let’s talk about Jennifer!

About Jennifer Yanyuk

Jennifer is a traveler who thinks of Instagram as her photo album and so should you! A place to look back through and relive the moments whether it was just iPhone pic, a professional photo shoot, a 15 second funny video or a 60 second montage of an entire trip. As I’m writing this, I’m only regretting for not posting more. Reserving the posts for only the most “worthy” quality pics and the rest go on the story, when in reality all should be posted. Whether it’s a quick getaway or a just gathering with friends, capture the moment and post it. Jennifer gets it. Her values are strongly revolved around family and so most of the photos you’ll see will be of those. Her recently featured snap of her and Eva was on @Airbnb:

A beautiful moment with a daughter who is yet to meet the sibling. The one in the tummy from this Instagram baby announcement. So why the movie poster of an Instagram baby announcement? Well, it was unique at that time and I, who happen to be Jennifer’s husband, am somewhat of a filmmaker and she’s a film-lover, so when your pair the two you get a humorous announcement that your friends and family is sure to love!

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