James Yanyuk & Artem Martynyuk – Aura Amazon Repricer

James Yanyuk & Artem Martynyuk collaborate to build Aura, an Amazon Repricer to win the Buy Box. James is a successful Amazon FBA seller who has been selling on Amazon for years, while in college studying Computer Science with a focus in AI – Artificial Intelligence. While selling from Amazon seller central, he paid close attention to any areas that could be improved. A repricing software was what missing as all the software he used could not live up to his standards, so he started working on one. Aura is the first Amazon repricer to be built on an AI infrastructure that gave the ability to do the impossible and beat the competition to the Buy Box. First, it was the backend that James focus on and Artem helped all along. From the beginning, the user – an Amazon seller, was the focus. So when it came to the user interface, it was the best-designed one on the market and looked like this:

James Yanyuk Artem Martynyuk Aura Amazon Repricer
James Yanyuk Artem Martynyuk Aura Amazon Repricer

As you can see, the user interface beats any software, never mind an Amazon repricer, by far. Everything is just built with an enormous amount of detail to every pixel. James Yanyuk spent hours and hours perfecting Aura so it can spend its life perfecting your Buy Box domination. Aura was launched to a closed group of Beta testers so James could closely monitor the results and fix any bugs. To our surprise, Aura was a hit well above what we hoped for. With users reporting double in sales first week, the launch video did not lie:

James Yanyuk did not stop here. As Aura rolled out, more and more features were suggested and he began building them and the sleepless nights started. Anything that was asked for, he began to build. Code and code with no end. Customer service was the priority at this point because Aura was already blowing repricing out of the water. The software portion of the project surpassed all expectations, so now the flow of support tickets needed to be handled. This included a dedicated support team as well as bot that handled popular questions with easy answers. Artem Martynyuk got to work of marketing Aura in a way that appealed to the audience that were not aware of the repricing capabilities or even the fact that an Amazon Repricer exists! After all, the people looking for a repricer will find Aura as there is more than enough hype and talk about it. Aura is the future of Amazon repricing software that came early and it’s here for you to use. Get on the website and sign up now: goaura.com

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