James Yanyuk

James Yanyuk – Founder of Vendrive & Aura for Amazon

James Yanyuk and I spent the day talking about Vendrive & Aura. The 2 companies he started that serve as powerful tools for amazon sellers. James, being an Amazon seller himself, experiences all problems and time consuming tasks first-hand. As a computer science major and a developer, he works on solutions almost immediately. Vendrive was developed as a modern CRM software for amazon sellers of any size and Aura – a fast, automated repricing software. But don’t think that’s what we spent the entire day doing! He test drove my Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and said he loved it. Here’s our video:

Selling on amazon

James started selling on Amazon years back. His company, Berkshire Trade, is what got his feet into the industry and earned him the capital to pursue what he had a passion for. As a computer-science major, Yanyuk wanted to develop software and focus on AI to help other businessman run their businesses in the most effective way. Selling on Amazon is certainly one of the most exciting things of the current era and can bring quite a revenue. If you or someone you know sells on Amazon, the tools James developed and made available to the public is everything you need.


Vendrive is a CRM software, custom-designed by James himself after running an Amazon business. From countless sleepless nights and thousands of wholesalers to go through, he did make it. But he also learned the challenges that come with the business and designed this software to make it that much easier for sellers. With Vendrive, wholesale sourcing is made easy and the rest of the tools allow you to do everything from one dashboard. That includes tracking your products, obtaining crucial analytics data, calculate profit and streamline the entire pipeline of your products & logistics that come with it. Learn more on Vendrive.com


Aura changes the entire game for Amazon sellers with multiple SKU’s. An automated repricing software that will literally not only save you money, but make you serious profit. Gone are the days of hours and hours spending to change your product pricing so you can compete. How about days of researching competition and trying to move your inventory? Welcome to Aura. An automated software that will take of that all. We say Repricing re-imagined. Learn more on goAura.com

Being an entrepreneur

Yanyuk is an incredibly down to earth guy with immerse knowledge in anything computer related. Being a co-founder of Aura myself, together we are dedicated to bringing you folks the best amazon tools. However, being entrepreneurs is not easy nor much different than committing to any hard work. Though the flexibility that comes with it is nice, you need to put a massive effort (and sacrifice your time) to something you believe will make you money. But a lot of times, it does not.

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