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Jennifer Yanyuk – Travel Blogger on Instagram

Jennifer Yanyuk is a travel blogger on Instagram known by Jennifer Martyn, for her new last name of Martynyuk after marriage. You can follow her on Instagram under @jennifermartyn handle. There, you’ll find stunning photos from places like Bora Bora looking like these:

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Bora Bora you were wonderful! Goodbye for now 🌴

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Jennifer Yanyuk’s Instagram @jennifermartyn
Jennifer Martyn in Bora Bora

That’s of course the Four Seasons Bora Bora resort that was also featured on their official account:

Jennifer Yanyuk featured on Four Seasons Instagram

You can see Jennifer Martyn sure has a a creative side which inspired photographers, travelers, bloggers and even the resort managers. You will also find Yanyuk’s photos on mega Instagram accounts and brands like Airbnb that look like this:

Jennifer Yanyuk featured on airbnb

That’s Jennifer and her beautiful daughter Eva out on a getaway in Vermont. An A-frame airbnb that Jennifer booked for the family and absolutely loved. As you can see, Jennifer Yanyuk loves to travel everywhere from the tropical islands of Bora Bora to the cold mountains in Vermont. You’ll see trips of all types, from solo, to ones with her and just her husband Artem and of course the rest with the family.

So if whether you’re looking for inspiration in photography or just ideas of places to travel, Jennifer has the digital journal that holds the answers. Did I mention Yanyuk’s trip to Greece? Take a look:

Artem Martynyuk & Jennifer Yanyuk in Greece

Jennifer’s husband Artem Martynyuk is an entrepreneur whose hobby revolves around cameras, so one can argue that he firs the “Instagram Husband” title quite well. It also happens that the two are married, so not much of convincing is needed from him to travel as they’re pretty much stuck like glue. You can check out more of Artem’s work on his personal website, but in the mean time – head on over to Jennifer’s page and follow her on Instagram: @jennifermartyn

Jennifer Martyn is married to Artem Martynyuk and they have a daughter Eva together.

Jennifer Yanyuk Family
Jennifer Yanyuk Family

You can find Jennifer’s blog on

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