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You ever see a Porsche yellow seat belts? I’m guessing yes, but only in expensive fancy cars, right? Well, now you can get Porsche yellow seat belts for any car! In fact, you can get any color you’d like! Safety Restore offers custom colored seat belts! The company best known for repairing seat belts after accident, has always offered the service of seat belt webbing replacement, but not in custom colors. Now, the new service is ready and available with dozens of colors in stock. The mail-in service requires you to remove your seat belt out of the vehicle and mail it in to them at:

40 Main St. 
Westfield, MA 01085

The seat belt webbing replacement facility completes all seat belt webbing replacement services in 24 hours using webbing that meets FMVSS and comes with Lifetime Warranty. Porsche Yellow seat belts can be in your car! The entire process is explained by this satisfied Safety Restore customer on YouTube:

As seen, the customer opted for Porsche Yellow seat belts for his car. He removed the original seat belts out of his car and mailed them in. Within 24 hours, we had the seat belt webbing replaced to Yellow and out the door. The original manufacturer tags are sewed to the new belt and the original stitching pattern is replicated. The service is affordable, fast & custom.

Dog chewed seat belt webbing replacement

In addition to custom color seat belts, Safety Restore offers dog chewed seat belt webbing replacement. So if your puppy has been misbehaving, we have a solution for you! Instead of buying a brand new seat belt, you can get the fabric material replaced. We’ll match the color of your existing seat belt and get it working and looking like new! Of course you have the option of going with a new color as well. With this in mind, you can also use the service on any classic car restoration projects or seat belts that are frayed, worn out or old. Take a look at our state of the art seat belt webbing stitching:

Red Seat Belt Stitching
Seat Belt Stitching by Safety Restore

Don’t wait! If you want Porsche Yellow seat belts or any other color seat belts, visit SafetyRestore.com or call 855-552-7233 M-F 9-8 EST! They also have 24/7 text line available at 413-454-5570.

Order your seat belt webbing replacement service today and save!

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