Red Blue & Yellow Seat Belts – Webbing Replacement

The days of boring seat belts are gone as there are red, blue & yellow seat belts to choose from! Did you not hear? Custom colored seat belts are here! Did you ever drool over those Porsche yellow seat belts or the exotic Ferrari red seat belts? Yeah, those are thousand dollar options in already astronomically expensive exotics, but how many times did you see regular cars or some sporty ones like BMW have yellow seat belts? How about a Subaru with blue seat belts? Any car with seat belts? Meet Safety Restore! The company that offers custom color seat belts in any car. Let’s start with a pic from their Instagram:


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Get any color seat belts like these yellow in @kleaperm3’s BMW!

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If that didn’t catch your attention, you shouldn’t bother reading. But seriously, is that RAD or what? Yellow seat belts in any car! Or how about these Red in a Ferrari featured on Daily Driven Exotics:

It’s no joke, Safety Restore’s custom colored seat belts are everywhere. If you haven’t seen the DDE video, watch it now:

So okay, you’re sold. Now how do you get Red, Blue or Yellow seat belts? Keep on reading.

Custom Colored Seatbelts by Safety Restore

The site features dozens of colors and the entire process is cake. Take a peek: Colored Seat Belts Webbing Replacement you won’t be disappointed. Follow these steps to get any color seat belts in your car!

  1. Order the seat belt color of your choice online at
  2. Remove and mail in your seat belts to:SAFETY RESTORE
    40 Main St. 
    Westfield, MA o1085

    If you’re not sure how to remove your seat belts, watch this YouTube video.

  3. Your custom color seat belts will be complete in 24 hours!

It’s that easy. Safety Restore is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and has been for years.

Safety Restore A+ BBB

Safety Restore is also highly rated on Google:

So how do they do it? Well, the webbing is actually replaced with new colored webbing material. Your seat belts aren’t dyed or anything of that sort. In addition, Safety Restore uses professional automated sewing machines that replicate factory stitching using the automated machine. The end result looks like this:

Red Seat Belt Stitching
Seat Belt Stitching

You simply cannot beat it. So go ahead and jump on these custom color seat belts now! Only at

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