Safety Restore 40 Main St. Westfield, MA 01085

Safety Restore of 40 Main St. Westfield, MA 01085 is a post-accident restoration facility that offers seat belt repair services and SRS airbag module reset services after accident. Here is a walk-through of the company lobby. You can see the Safety Restore repair facility entrance – the place where locked and blown seat belts are repaired after accident. This includes jammed seat belts and seat belts that are not retracting. The way the service works is either a drop-off in person called a “walk-in” or you can place the order online at and mail your parts in for repair. Watch this short video of the Safety Restore company.

Safety Restore also offers custom colored seat belts where you can get the fabric replaced to a color of your choice, or matched with your existing color if the seat belt is frayed or chewed by your dog. For only $74.99/belt, Safety Restore will clean the entire mechanism, replace the material, restitch the original manufacturer tags on to the new belt and replicate the stitching pattern that looks like this:
Red Seat Belt Stitching
Red Seat Belt Stitching – Safety Restore

Safety Restore has a near perfect rating on Google, Facebook & Trustpilot. Safety Restore is also BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.

If you have any questions, Safety Restore is open 9am to 8pm EST! Call 855-552-7233 or text 413-454-5570 anytime!

Start saving money with Safety Restore and having your SRS airbag module crash data reset instead of buying new from the dealer. For anyone working with salvage cars off Copart & IAAI, this is a dream come true. Same goes for the locked and blown seat belts, Safety Restore has the most experience and can work with all makes & models. Lastly, custom colored seat belts are a no-brainer for car enthusiasts! Probably the best and most affordable mod you will do to your car.

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